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Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery in recent years, allowing not only increase breast size but also enhance your appearance and shape, offering the most aesthetic and breast chords patient body proportions and expectations.

To improve the volume and shape of the chest two techniques may be employed: the first and most common involving the use of a prosthesis for breast augmentation, and the second in which the increase is performed with the patient’s own fat which has been extracted from another point by a liposculpture.

This technique is ideal for women who want to improve the shape of their breasts because they are fallen, for those who want to increase their size and also for people who want to match the size of both breasts, for some reason, is different. For this is not only a technical but also an aesthetic medical alternative that can improve the appearance and self-esteem of patients.

The site of implantation of the prosthesis or grease shall be elected by the surgeon following an assessment of the patient. Do it under the muscle is the most common procedure for best results. The incision to place the prosthesis is usually performed in the aura, although depending on the healing of the patient can also be made in the bottom crease of the breast or armpit, all depend on the data that you collect the specialist consultation prior to the intervention. The type of prosthesis choice should be chosen after evaluating the results expected by the patient’s own doctor’s recommendation.

The length of the prosthesis will depend on several factors making it difficult to determine for sure, but its placement to perform procedures such as mammograms or breast feed without problem.

This procedure requires general anesthesia and hospitalization of 24 hours, during which time the patient will have a drain to remove all fluids and a bandage, everything is removed prior to discharge. The stitches will be removed one week after the intervention, at this time will also be convenient to apply massage nodes to reduce inflammation and swollen breasts.

After intervention it is recommended to wear a sport bra for a month and sleep with it for three weeks to ease discomfort. Can not sleep on my stomach for a month, the scar should be protected from the sun for a year, plus physical exercise and heavy lifting may be resumed within one month after surgery and always progressively.

The patient can resume their working lives more or less quickly depending on the activity. In cases where you work in an office or without physical effort, with a couple days rest enough, while you want perform activities in which the movement of arms or back are included, they should keep for a week to 10 days rest.

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