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When we have an accumulation of fat in certain areas that do not respond to diet or exercise, and it seems impossible to remove, we feel frustrated and unable to find the right solution for a look that makes us feel comfortable.

In these cases, as they are areas with a moderate or less accumulation of fat, liposuction becomes an ideal alternative because it allows the elimination of adipose tissue while accumulated favors the molding area.

By making small incisions in the skin are inserted a thin cannulas extracted fat and facilitate new molding process, resulting in an area with less adipose volume. This technique is not suitable for patients who are overweight because it does not reduce kilos, instead it is favorable for those with a healthy weight but have fatty tissue in spots like knees, jowls or hips.

The extraction of fat from liposculpture also allows the molding of other areas, this is especially applied in patients who, for aesthetic reasons, wish to conceal the presence of large scars or increase the volume of certain areas such as the cheekbones. Doing the fat itself the results are much more natural and aesthetic.

In liposclupture fat fewer than liposuction cannulas thinner thereby resulting in faster healing and less painful postoperative extracted employed. This intervention may require local or general anesthesia depending on the area to be treated, in the case of very small areas can be performed on an outpatient basis, otherwise 24 hours of hospitalization are required.

After surgery, the patient must wear a compression garment for a month and practiced lymphatic drainage in the amount indicated by the doctor, in order to remove fluids and ensure adequate desinflamación area.

Avoid sun exposure for at least two months, in addition to following the verbatim medical indications. The eliminated with liposuction fatty tissues not reappear, but to maintain a lasting result over time will be important that patients do not gain weight drastically.

Evaluating specialist and is essential to know whether we are or are not candidates for this operation and also to get the best results. So in Medical Beauty Center we provide you with the best team in surgery and aesthetic medicine, to get the shape you want the very best. Make a query and discovers the aesthetic ideal alternative to reshape your body.

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